WCA programs strategically address the many issues facing survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking while working to reduce the number of future victims through education and prevention. Our programming areas include:

Survivor Services

The WCA assures that survivors have everything they need to create a safe and strong life for themselves and their families. Our service areas include:

Safety Services: 24/7 hotline, expert accompaniment and navigation
through the systems, counseling and legal aid

Self-Sufficiency Services: Financial training, career services
and ongoing support

Learn more about Survivor Services.

No one should have to
walk alone.

Prevention & Education

Domestic violence affects us all

We also provide a vital service in education
and prevention for the community at large, to raise awareness
about issues of power and control — because no one is immune
to this epidemic.

We all know someone who is affected by domestic violence or sexual assault. And it can
happen to anyone, including you. Our goal is for everyone in Omaha to know about the
WCA before they need our services, not afterward.

Learn more about Prevention & Education.

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