Your Advocate

Advocates are first responders for survivors of domestic violence/sexual assault at area hospitals and from law enforcement reports. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ready to Respond: We understand your situation and are a
nonjudgmental, compassionate place to reach out whenever
you feel ready.
Confidential Conversations: We are trained professionals who
know the patterns of domestic violence and sexual assault;
we can guide you through confidential and informed
conversations about your situation.
Expert Guidance: Our advocates will walk you through the various
systems you may encounter, including the criminal justice system,
legal system, medical system, child protection and safety systems
and health and human services.

Your Safety Net

The WCA is here when you need a safe place to land.

Safety Planning: We will help you craft a safety plan and get protection
orders to keep you and your loved ones from being harmed again.
Financial Aid: Rent and utility assistance programs offer the short-term
support needed to get through a time of crisis.

Boutique: The WCA's boutique provides free clothing and shoes to survivors.

Your Therapist

Licensed therapists are available to provide free mental health care for our clients in crisis.

Your Attorney

We provide free legal aid to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Douglas County in the following areas:

Child custody
Protection and harassment order hearing
Immigration: If you are an undocumented immigrant, we are a safe
place for you. We can help survivors of domestic violence and sexual
assault in applying for legal documentation.

Your Coach

We’re here to share what we know and provide training and insight along the way.

Career Services: Get help with finding a career that fits your
interests, education and lifestyle. Learn to write a resume,
search for jobs and nail a great interview. We’ll even help you
get the clothes you need for your new job!
Financial Planning: We offer financial training so that self-sufficiency
can be achieved over time.
A Variety of Classes: From trauma-informed yoga to healthy family
classes, we provide a number of avenues for personal growth.
See our extensive list of classes here.

Your Peer Support

In a group environment, survivors are able to gain strength and feel supported by peers.

Support Groups: Many different support groups are offered for
all types of survivors and circumstances, including teens, those connected to the military, 
men, and more. See our list of support groups here.

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