A Benefit for Women’s Center for Advancement

Tarana Burke, best known for founding the international ‘me too.’ Movement, had a candid conversation with Jannette Taylor, President & CEO of the Women’s Center for Advancement, about the current state of affairs and the continuation of the ‘me too.’ Movement. More than 25 years of her life have been dedicated to social justice and laying the groundwork for a movement initially created to help young women of color who survived sexual abuse and assault.

During the conversation, she addresses the outpouring of sexual assault and harassment allegations, pressing issues of respect, dignity and power dynamics in schools, workplaces and politics, and shines a light on the stories of survivors and voices that continue to be marginalized. Tarana’s work and the movement inspire solidarity, amplify the voices of thousands of victims of sexual abuse, and puts the focus back on believing and supporting survivors.

Please purchase a copy of Tarana Burke’s new book “Unbound” from the Aframerican Bookstore located at

3226 Lake Street, Omaha, NE 68111.

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