News | April 25, 2019

Growing, Serving and Moving Forward: 2018 Annual Report

For over 100 years, we have been the experts, the listening ear and the safe place for survivors and their children. 2018 was no different – the past 12 months have seen a great deal of change and growth for us at the Women’s Center for Advancement. We want to thank you for playing a critical role in our journey this year as we have grown into our new building and increased our provided services.

The WCA provided 32,364 direct services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking, with an additional 22,000 services provided through peer-led support groups, wellness classes and prevention and education outreach.

“I now rely on myself, my strength and my skills because the WCA helped me when I needed it most.”

Behind these numbers are thousands of stories from clients overcoming challenges, healing trauma and finding empowerment. In this year’s annual report, you will learn about Jessica and Hannah and their healing journeys. Services provided through advocacy, legal, counseling, self-sufficiency and our boutique help clients at WCA stay safe and grow strong.

Read our annual report to find out about all of the work we have done in 2018. Like the tree in our logo, we continue to grow, continue to serve and continue to move forward. We hope you’ll continue with us.