Events | November 5, 2019

Give Good

What is Giving Tuesday?

After Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the back-to-back days of deals, join us in kicking off the holiday giving season on Giving Tuesday!

On Tuesday, December 3rd the WCA will join SHARE Omaha and hundreds of others in promoting kind acts for others.

On this day of giving, YOU can give in many ways to WCA!

Share Good:

We believe in the power of kind words and notes of encouragement. Use this day to write a reminder to yourself. YOU MATTER! YOU ROCKED THAT PRESENTATION! BE BRIGHT! Whatever words you find encouragement from, remind yourself of the good you create!

Once you’ve written a kind note to yourself, write a kind note for others. Send your best friend a message about how awesome they are; send a card to WCA so we can share it with survivors when they need an encouraging message; go on social media to WCA’s Facebook page and tag someone who you want to share good to!

You can find WCA’s Facebook page here.

You can drop cards to: ATTN: Share Good, 3801 Harney St., Omaha, NE 68131

Learn Good:

Did you know that in addition to immediate safety services, WCA also offers groups and classes?

Survivor Art Studio is a time for art making and exploring creative outlets for the purpose of healing and building community and solidarity for survivors.

Getting Ahead is a nine-week educational group with the mission of assisting individuals in their efforts to build and maintain healthy families. The class also empowers individuals in their efforts through accessing social services, building a personal support system and attaining basic and life skills for stable employment.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga meets twice a week at the WCA. This specialized yoga is specifically adapted to the needs of those who have experienced traumatic events with gentle guidance from a specially trained instructor.

Many more of the WCA classes can be found here

All of these classes are free of charge! We can always use help keeping our classes stocked with supplies. Check out our Amazon Wishlist on SHARE Omaha to purchase much-needed items for our groups and classes! 

Give Good:

In order to keep our services free of charge, we need your help! Make a monetary donation today.

Is there someone on your holiday shopping list who is difficult to shop for and doesn’t need more stuff? Consider donating to the WCA in their name, and give the gift of safety. Contact our development team to arrange this gift.

This gift helps the programs and operations of WCA remain free of charge so we can be here 24 hours and day, seven days a week providing services through our hotline; so we can provide expert advocacy, counseling and legal services; so we can continue learning and growing through groups and classes and prevention and education.

YOU can give the gift to another to stay safe and grow strong.