Non-Violence Program

WCA’s Non-Violence Program is a part of a community response to domestic violence and not the sole means of ending domestic violence. Completion of the Non-Violence Program classes does not guarantee against future acts of domestic violence. The purposes of the Non-Violence Program are to:

  • Hold abusers accountable for their behaviors
  • Challenge the beliefs of abusers as related to violence
  • Teach new skills to help abusers change their violent behavior (not saving relationships or marriages)
  • Enhance the safety of victims, both adults and children

Class Information:

  • Classes are 1.5 hours, once a week, for 36 weeks.
  • Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Classes meet at various locations and times throughout Omaha.
  • Classes are also offered in Spanish.

Please contact us at 402-660-0935 for more information about this class