Important Phone Numbers

Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA)

WCA Main Line: 402-345-6555

WCA 24-Hour Hotline: 402-345-7273

WCA 24-Hour Spanish Hotline: 402-672-7118

Criminal Justice Agencies & Services

Emergency: 911

Omaha Police Department (OPD) Telephone Reporting Unit: 402-444-4877

OPD Domestic Violence Unit: 402-444-5825

Douglas. Co. Sherriff’s Office (DCSO) Domestic Violence Unit: 402-444-3808 (Assistance with criminal justice system)

Victim Assistance: 402-444-4597

DV Prosecutor: 402-444-3545

Protection Order Office: 402-444-4350

Protection Order Service: 402-599-2600

Victim Information/Notification 1-877-634-8463  To determine status of offender custody

DCSO Criminal Investigations: 402-444-4358

DCSO Domestic Violence Unit: 402-444-7756


The Shelter: 402-558-5700

Heartland Family Service: 402-292-5888

Phoenix House: 712-328-0266

Nebraska Spanish Helpline: 877-215-0167

Legal Aid of Nebraska: 402-348-1060

National Deaf/Hard of Hearing Hotline: TTY-800-787-3224

Teen or Adult Victim of Rape or Other Sexual Assault
Take immediate action!

Child Sexual Abuse
If you know a child has been sexually abused, call 911 if an assault or injury has just occurred, and you need emergency response. You may also go to a hospital emergency room and/or call the Nebraska Child Protective Services 24-hour hotline, 1-800-652-1999.

Domestic Violence – Dating, Spouse or Partner
If an attack is in progress or about to happen, call 911. Protect yourself, children and pets.