Getting Ahead Classes

The Getting Ahead classes assists clients in their efforts to build and maintain strong, healthy families; decrease dependence on social services; increase personal support systems; and attain the basic skills and life skills needed for stable employment.


Please contact a Self-Sufficiency Case Manager, 402-345-6555



Program Overview

This program is a fully collaborative effort among seven (7) community agencies, with the WCA serving as lead agency, to provide comprehensive services in the following self-sufficiency domains: income, employment, housing, food, childcare, adult education, legal, healthcare, life skills, mental health, substance abuse, community involvement and support.  The partners have successfully teamed together to provide an array of support services based on individual severity of need, as each client progresses from economic and social vulnerability to self-sufficiency.

The WCA works with the participants on the following:

  • Assessing the individual’s strengths and barriers to self-sufficiency.
  • Setting individual goals and action plans.
  • Weekly individualized coaching.
  • Completion of the individual plan and goals

Coaches conduct an assessment of client strengths and barriers to self-sufficiency based on a self-sufficiency continuum matrix. Each client is then assisted in developing a series of short- and long-term goals to identify their assets, maximize their well-being and identify and reduce their barriers.

The coach and client work closely with partnering agencies that can assist them in their attainment of goals through regular staffing meetings to ensure progress of each client along the critical dimensions identified in their individualized plan. Program participants will participate in a 16-session workshop focused on building resources, both personal and economic.


Empower Project
The Empower Project is a joint venture with UNMC and WCA with the mission of providing health-based education to empower women through the knowledge of their personal health.  The Project will involve UNMC students giving educational seminars to the Bridges to Opportunity program participants. These seminars are informative classes about various health-related topics.

For more information about the program contact:
Self-Sufficiency Case Manager